There is a lot of dissonance in digital advertising.
Wrong message, wrong person, wrong place, wrong time.
Resulting in $1T of waste per year, according to Gartner.

Qurate cleans that up, clears the waste,
and doubles the ROI of your ad spend.

How do we do it?

Qurate is a Quantum Ai holograph which
understands the entire context of everything in it.

Enabling you to stop wasting money on ads which don't work,
and strategically drive the business with confidence.

We ran 13 pilots out of 27 CMOs on our advisory board
and they all doubled the ROI of their ad spend.

Resulting in 10% additional revenue.

Our unique insight is that the dissonance in advertising
isn't just an industry problem; it's a universal inefficiency.

We've discovered the exact pivot points
where ad resonance can be maximized.

Just by plugging their ad account into Qurate
these companies can receive millions
of dollars of additional revenue.

Successful customers, including Landbot, Jitterbit, and Kpler, who allocate their ad spend in the range of 10k to well over 1M per month, are already reaping doubled returns.

Since our formation last August, we've been handpicked for a six-month stint at Alchemist Core Accelerator — one of Silicon Valley's most elite B2B SaaS programs.

After demo day, we closed a Pre-Seed round of around 500k, including VCs Andreessen Horowitz (scout fund), Miraise, and Angels who are Growth & Marketing leaders for Dropbox,, Productboard, and many more.

We have a pipeline of over 100 customers lined up waiting for our product. Now we are raising a Seed round to meet and exceed our customer demand.

Our 15-member core team isn't just seasoned; we're specialized. With a deep expertise in AI-driven tech and content strategy, we've successfully launched three MarTech SaaS platforms. Every member brings a unique skill set that works in harmony with the group.

Qurate doubles your advertising ROI, has a pipeline of 100
waiting customers, and is backed by industry giants like Andreessen Horowitz.

We've got the technology, the traction, and the team
to revolutionize digital advertising.

We invite you to bring harmony
to a dissonant industry.

Tom Brooke

September 2023

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